The Interrogator's Notebook

Join a former interrogator in asking the hard questions.

The Interrogation of Children

Two recent reports from two different parts of the world hint at potential problematic behavior in the interrogation of children.

The Ma'an news agency reported that a Palestinian teenager accused an Israeli interrogator of threatening rape

In a Maryland kindergarten, a five year boy was interrogated for two hours by Calvert County school officials after showing another boy his toy cap gun on a bus. The interrogation caused the boy to wet his pants, according to his mother on Huffington Post.  

I cannot speak to the real facts in either of these cases. I do know, however, when a country is fearful of violence it is less likely to consider the rights of any prisoner. How we, as democratic societies, treat the weakest and most vulnerable of us, says a lot about who we really are. A question for us to ask ourselves every day is: what price are we willing to pay for freedom, and when does that price lead to the erosion of the same freedom we are protecting?

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